Asia & Near East


Identification mission of an aquaculture and inland fisheries project, Fisheries Sector Study; EU/Euroconsult, 1987


Oxbow Lakes Small-Scale Fishermen Project, Jessore District: identification, formulation, M&E design for a culture-based fisheries project to benefit small-scale fishermen; FAO/IFAD, 1986/87


Fisheries Management Plan Tonle Sap : Provision of the FAO- teamlader. FAO/ADB 2002/2003


Kerala reservoir fisheries development: formulation and evaluation of the project proposal, design of fisheries management system (culture-based fisheries) and aquaculture development; GTZ, 1988/90


Implementation of the "Kerala Reservoir Fisheries Development Project", in co-operation with GOPA Consultants; on behalf of GTZ, 1992 - 1999


Marine, coastal, and inland fisheries sector study. Sector analysis and project identification; COFAD TA-Study for Department of Fisheries, Karnataka, 1998


Project preparation study for the Integrated Land and Water Development Project Mazandaran. For World Bank and FAO Cooper. Programme, 2003


Pre-feasibility study on the potential of mariculture in the Gulf of Aqaba : Integrated Coastal Zone Management; Aqaba Regional Authority; Assistance to the implementation of the National Environmental Action Plan; GTZ, 2000

Saudi Arabia

Desk study on the feasibility of aquaculture and mariculture and the potential for scientific and technical co-operation; GTZ, 2000/2001.

South-East Asia

Assessment of the market potential of freshwater fish in European, Near East, Japanese, and US Markets; FAO/INFOFISH, 1984

Sri Lanka

Advisory services to the GTZ-projects "Fisheries Community Development and Resources Management Project" (FCDRMP), GTZ, 1999/2000

Sri Lanka

Advisory services to the GTZ-project "Integrated Food Security Programme Trincomalee" (IFSP), GTZ, 1999/2001

Sri Lanka

Fisheries Sector Study: Provision of socio-economic expertise, supervision co-ordination of study; FAO Investment Center/ADB, 1987/88


Project formulation study: inland fisheries and aquaculture development; GTZ, 1991


Implementation of the Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Project (IFAP); with GOPA; for GTZ, 1992 - 2000


Village Development IV - Pond Culture: Appraisal of financial assistance by KfW to the Thailand Fisheries Department for pond construction and aquaculture development; KfW, 1988/89


Technical Assistance in the Fisheries Sector: Organisation of international aquaculture training; ALC, EU/TACIS, 1997