What We Offer

COFAD provides services in the broader context of fisheries & aquaculture, natural resources management, nature conservation and development co-operation.





Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Sociology
Natural Resources Management Economics Emergency Aid
Ecology and Nature Conservation Development Co-operation Participatory Development
Watershed and Coastal Zone Management COFAD Organisational Development
Information Technology Evaluation
Project Cycle Management Facilitation
Planning and Advisory Services Studies



Fields of Specialisation

COFAD’s major fields of specialisation are

  • Fisheries & aquaculture development and management
  • Natural resources management
  • Ecology & nature conservation
  • Development co-operation and emergency aid


Fisheries and aquaculture

Fisheries & aquaculture development and management

Natural resources management

Natural resources management


Ecology & Nature conservation

Development co-operation

Development co-operation



Main services are

  • Studies, planning and advisory services
  • Participatory planning and conflict settlement
  • Project cycle management
  • Training and capacity building


The cornerstones of COFAD’s approach are

• Multi- and interdisciplinarity

We believe that effective and sustainable development can only be achieved through a thorough analysis and consideration of all relevant aspects of a problem, including social, economic, political, institutional, technical, and environmental. To cope with this challenge, we work in an interdisciplinary manner in multidisciplinary teams covering all required fields of expertise.

• Solid professional background

We find it essential to have in-house or affiliated competence within our specific fields to ensure high professional standards of our work. In consequence, we have always confined our activities to fields in which are fully covered by the professional background of our staff or of our key collabotators.

• Client orientation

We are committed to serve our clients in the best possible way; their benefit is our first concern.