Natural Resources Management

The international community more and more recognises that current patterns of economic development must be changed, in order to solve the substantial social, economic and environmental problems that we are facing in developed and developing countries alike. Population growth and increasing human activities, coupled with inappropriate economic and environmental policies continue to cause environmental degradation and depletion of the natural resource base, particularly in those countries, which can least afford the consequences.

The objective of development intervention, according to FAO, is to "create an economic environment in which it is more profitable to conserve resources than destroying them". This, in our view, can only be achieved and sustained by involving al people concerned, specifically users, in planning and decision making, while, at the same time providing for an enabling policy and strategy on a national and international level.


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To this, COFAD can contribute the following services

  • Resource assessment (including use of satellite imagery and geographical information systems - GIS - to monitor and map resources and their usage)
  • Participatory land use planning
  • Participatory watershed management
  • Integrated coastal zone management
  • Resource-use conflict mediation and resolution
  • Policy and strategy advice
  • Institutional strengthening/organisational develoment.

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